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A few years back we came across the Nature of Things episode Takaya: Lone Wolf and we were inspired by his story. Takaya was a coastal wolf on Vancouver Island who had ventured out on his own, away from his pack. He made his way through the city of Victoria and courageously swam to Discovery Island, part of the archipelago of islands to the east of Victoria.

Cheryl Alexander, a local resident photographer took an interest in him and documented his life on the islands. How was a wolf supposed to survive on islands where there was no fresh water, or his typical prey? Despite all odds, Takaya was able to survive...and thrive!

To learn more about Takaya, check out takayaslegacy.com

The Book

The Takaya: Lone Wolf book, which includes many amazing photos and memories of Takaya from Cheryl herself, is available for purchase at Unleashed Brewing.

Takaya Lone Wolf Book Cover


The Beer

We couldn't think of a better way to honour Takaya than to create a beer in his name and help bring awareness to his story.

Takaya Beer Info

A lot of thought went into the creation of the recipe of Takaya's beer:

  • The malt was chosen for the mystery of Takaya, it's a very unique, secret mix
  • Cascade hops were used as Takaya likely came from the Cascade mountains when he started his epic journey
  • The yeast is an ancient strain called Kveik. The history of this strain traces back to when Vikings would travel water ways in search of new homes, much like Takaya
  • Hibiscus petals were added to bring a slight reddish sunset colour, matching the colour on the backs of Takaya's ears and the Arbutus trees he'd often lay under
Zen Wolf