With a hint of spice from the rye malt, this saison is slightly peppery, with wild fruit on the nose and a dry, citrusy finish.

Meet Samson, the lovable pup rescued from the streets of Texas! With a smile on his face and a wag in his tail, he steals the hearts of everyone he meets. His girlfriend is Stella (the girl dog next door), who gets the side eye until it's time to chase each other and play like crazy.

ABV 6.5%  |  SRM 9.4  |  IBU 27

MYSTICAL MANU Lavender Honey Ale

Mystical Manu is a honey ale with a subtle hint of lavender. It has a sweet, honey malty, floral aroma and a semi-sweet taste with an earthy noble hop finish. 

This beer is dedicated to Manu. She was a mystical, multi-dimensional being in canine form that lived life big and on her terms. Her passion was walk-a-bouts, being on the land, and healing the hearts and spirits of both people and canines. She was a trickster, at times evaporating and then reappearing out on the land in a different place that was physically impossible to do. Manu stretched others to learn, explore, and open their hearts; she was a true healer. She modelled courage, showing people how to walk their truth, show up, and be authentically themselves. 

ABV 5.2%  |  SRM 14  |  IBU 33

LONDON DOG Special-tea Ale

What do you get when you combine a love of London Fogs with beer? A London DOG, of course! This unique brew fills your senses with vanilla, bergamot, and earl grey. It has a light malt profile and is sweet and crisp. This unique beer will definitely make you drool for more!

ABV 4%  |  SRM 2.6  |  IBU 13 | Available in 4 packs of tall cans!


A craft lager made to be a gateway into the wonderful, flavourful, exciting world of craft beer. Super refreshing with a golden colour, extra effervescence, and a dry, slightly buttery finish. A classic with some spunk, just like our little miss Heineken - this beer is in memory of her.

ABV 5.2%  |  SRM 3  |  IBU 23 

OFF THE CHAIN Unfiltered Pilsner

A slightly hoppier pil with classic Czech flavours. It's crisp, bright, a little sweet, and totally off the chain!

ABV 5.3%  |  SRM 5.5  |  IBU 30 | Available in 4 packs of tall cans!


Our version of a traditional Bavarian wheat beer; a taste of heaven on earth. Loads of malted wheat created a thick golden cloud of deliciousness in this beer. The aromas of orange blossoms and honey welcome you to the iconic banana, clove, and bubblegum flavours that you just can’t get enough of.

ABV 5.3%  |  SRM 3.8  |  IBU 19 | Available in 4 packs of tall cans!

TAKAYA Hibiscus Pale Ale

Created in memory of Takaya the lone wolf. This light, crisp, and tangy pale ale brings the flavour and scent of Hibiscus through to a lightly hopped finish. Check out Takaya: Lone Wolf to learn more about this inspiring wolf.

ABV 5.5%  |  SRM 8.5  |  IBU 30


A tribute to the dogs that are so f*cking ugly they're cute; they need love and recognition, too! This full bodied wonder has a malty rich caramel taste that leads to roasted coffee and smooth chocolaty goodness. It's sweet to start and finishes dry, with a light hop profile.

ABV 6%  |  SRM 16  |  IBU 25 | Available in 4 packs of tall cans!


It’s been a summer to remember! This beer marks our approval to officially allow dogs within our taproom: the dog days of Unleashed. Our haziest beer, full of pineapple, apricot, and melon flavours, with a citrusy finish.

ABV 6%  |  SRM 6  |  IBU 27 | Available in 4 packs of tall cans!

PUCKERED POOCH Salted Lime Margarita Sour

This margarita inspired brew is super fresh with a blast of citrusy lime and salty notes. No fruit has been added, yet it gets its limey taste from a proprietary blend of malts, and the addition of hops at very specific times during the boil. This beer is perfectly tart and pairs well with spicy foods - tacos? hot wings? mmm... 

ABV 6%  |  SRM 5  |  IBU 18 | Available in 4 packs of tall cans!

THE SNUGGLE IS REAL Vanilla Maple Winter Warmer

A beer to warm your soul! The smell of winter spices, reminiscent of cozy winter nights snuggled up in front of the fire. The first sip brings a sweet malt backbone, smoothing out the spice with a hint of Madagascar vanilla and cinnamon, followed by a healthy dose of maple. 

ABV 6.8%  |  SRM 14  |  IBU 18 

SPRUCED UP PUP Spruce Tip Ale 

The history of spruce beer dates back many years...as far back as the 1500s! Because it's a natural source of vitamin C spruce was used to help prevent and cure scurvy. Indigenous people of North America would use this concoction in winter months and sailors would rely on it during travel when there was limited access to fresh fruits.

Spruced up Pup is a creation based on this history. The tender spruce tips used in this brew were hand picked in the BC wilderness by the Unleashed team and combined with molasses, select malts, and complimentary hops to give you a sweet, slightly piney taste. 

ABV 6%  |  SRM 15 |  IBU 22  |  Seasonal!


This milk stout is bursting with flavours and aromas of coffee and rich dark chocolate from the roasted malt and lactose. It's black as night, lightly hopped with old and new world hops, and has a sweet finish. 

ABV 4.7%  |  SRM 40  |  IBU 29 | Available in 4 packs of tall cans!

WIGGLEBUTT Baltic Porter

A deep, sweet malty complexity with notes of chocolate covered plums, burnt caramel, and sun dried grapes. So tasty, you'll do the wigglebutt dance, just like your dog.   

ABV 7%  |  SRM 27  |  IBU 25  



This wonderful beer spent an entire year in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels. It was great when it went in, and after a full year of basking in bourbon it deserves its own word: scrumtrulescent! The nose on this beer boasts dark roast coffee, chocolate, and of course...Kentucky Bourbon. The taste is reminiscent of the bourbon filled chocolates we all used to steal from our parents at Christmas when we were kids! 

ABV 6.7%  |  SRM 40  |  IBU 24 | Limited release | Small batch | Taproom exclusive

JAKER'S IPA - coming back soon

If a dog could have charisma and presence, Jake had it! He was a teacher, a rule enforcer, and a loyal protector of his pack. Jake had an inspiring lust for life and an adventurous, wild spirit - he always lived his best life each and every day. Caramel and stone fruit start this beer off, bringing you to a dank and piney adventure.

ABV 5.4%  |  SRM 6.7  |  IBU 58


Perfectly bitter with a huge orange twist on the nose and a nice, sweet finish. At 4.2% this Nano White IPA is a serious crusher! It won't slow you down, yet it's still full bodied with explosive hop characteristics from strategic dry-hopping with Citra and other choice hops.

What is a Nano IPA? An IPA with a tamer alcohol content than usual and all the IPA flavours you know and love.

ABV 4.2%  |  SRM 5.6  |  IBU 67 


With the scent of berry blossoms and a flavour profile of blackberry and caramel, this fruitless pale ale has a fluffy mouthfeel and a finish that is perfectly tart and not too bitter. A great way to beat the Okanagan summer heat!

ABV 5%  |  SRM 10  |  IBU 31


Tropical and fruity on the sniffer, with a punch of citrus to the tastebuds. The refreshing bitterness in this IPA will leave you drooling for your next sip.

CRY HAVOC Haskap Berry Cascadian Dark Ale

A collaboration (organic) brew with our friends from Crannog Ales! 200lbs of organic haskap berries have this beer exploding with fruity goodness! A light hop profile accents the deep, dark flavours of the berries, and the richness of chocolate malt makes this beer taste like dessert.

"Cry 'havoc' and release the dogs of war!" ~ Shakespeare  

ABV 6%  |  SRM 35  |  IBU 25

LUNA-TIC Blonde Ale

The name of this beer was inspired by Luna the Weimaraner...goofy and lovable, with a crazy silliness that makes her a genuine Luna-tic! This beer starts off with a fresh citrus punch and gives way to a fruity and floral aroma with a dry finish.

ABV 3.7%  |  SRM 3.3  |  IBU 18

DOCK DIVER Blueberry Hibiscus Saison

Pink Boots Collaboration brew with Lakesider Brewing Co! Funky and playful, this saison has big fruity esters that combine beautifully with blueberries and hibiscus flowers to create an aromatic and delicious tasting experience. A portion of the proceeds of every sleeve and 4 pack of cans sold goes to the Pink Boots Society.

ABV 4.8%  |  SRM 3.9  |  IBU 22


The beginning of Unleashed Brewing's Barrel-aged series! Savour the smooth molasses with a hint of spruce and pine, complimented by just the right touch of bourbon. 

ABV 7.2%  |  SRM 16  |  IBU 24  | Limited release | Small batch | Taproom exclusive

KUTYA Lemon Honey Wheat Ale

A collaboration brew with Jackknife Brewing Co! This brew was inspired by a Ukrainian Christmas dessert that Mike's dad, Don makes every year.  This lemon honey wheat ale was brewed with white wheat and oats, and conditioned on zested and smashed lemons, with tons of local honey. All proceeds from this beer go to fund @outrightintl, an organization that helps support LGBTQ+ folks who are displaced by the war in Ukraine, and @pravdabrewery who put the call out for breweries around the world to help support Ukraine in any way possible. 

ABV 4%  |  SRM 9.3  |  IBU 10 | Limited release | Small batch | Taproom exclusive


Gluten-free Beer  |  Grey Fox Brewing  |  Kelowna

A selection of gluten-free craft beer made right in Kelowna!

Apple Cider  |  Soma Craft Cidery  |  Kelowna

This traditional, handcrafted dry cider is an artful blend of subtle flavours and aromas - clean and crisp with a radiant finish.

ABV 6.1%  | 355ml can

Oak Aged Apple Cider  |  Soma Craft Cidery  |  Kelowna

Dry as kindling, with distinct vanilla notes, this cider draws on techniques refined by brewers and vintners over hundreds of years. Aromatic, elegant, and seductive.

ABV 6.1%  | 355ml can


Check with the bar for the selection of wines currently available!


Fruit sodas  |  Farming Karma Fruit Co.  |  Kelowna

A variety of naturally flavoured fruit sodas available: apple, pear, peach, cherry, and berry.

285ml cans | Gluten free! | No added sugars

De-alcoholized Beer  |  Partake & Iota

A selection of different flavours available.