TAKAYA Hibiscus Pale Ale

Created in memory of Takaya the lone wolf. This light, crisp, and tangy pale ale brings the flavour and scent of Hibiscus through to a lightly hopped finish. Check out Takaya: Lone Wolf to learn more about this inspiring wolf.

ABV 4.8%  |  SRM 8.5  |  IBU 30

LUNA-TIC Blonde Ale

The name of this beer was inspired by Luna the Weimaraner...goofy and lovable, with a crazy silliness that makes her a genuine Luna-tic! This beer starts off with a fresh citrus punch and gives way to a fruity and floral aroma with a dry finish.

ABV 3.7%  |  SRM 3.3  |  IBU 18

LONDON DOG Special-tea Ale

What do you get when you combine a love of London Fogs with beer? A London DOG, of course! This unique brew fills your senses with vanilla, bergamot, and early grey. It has a light malt profile and is sweet and crisp. It will definitely make you drool for more!

ABV 4%  |  SRM 2.6  |  IBU 13


A tribute to the dogs that are so f*cking ugly they're cute; they need love and recognition, too! This full bodied wonder has a malty rich caramel taste that leads to roasted coffee and smooth chocolaty goodness. It's sweet to start and finishes dry, with a light hop profile.

ABV 5.6%  |  SRM 20.5  |  IBU 28


If a dog could have charisma and presence, Jake had it! He was a teacher, a rule enforcer, and a loyal protector of his pack. Jake had an inspiring lust for life and an adventurous, wild spirit - he always lived his best life each and every day. Caramel and stone fruit start this beer off, bringing you to a dank and piney adventure.

ABV 5.4%  |  SRM 6.7  |  IBU 58

OFF THE CHAIN Unfiltered Pilsner

A slightly hoppier pil with classic Czech flavours. It's crisp, bright, a little sweet, and totally off the chain!

ABV 5.3%  |  SRM 5.5  |  IBU 30


Sun City Cherry Sour  |  Kelowna Brewing Co.  |  Kelowna

Kelowna Brewing Co. took their golden sour and blended it with 100% pure pressed cherry juice from local Kelowna farms.

ABV 5%  |  IBU 14

Semi-dry Apple Cider  |  Nomad Cider  |  Summerland

Crafted with care using local, fresh-pressed cider and dessert apples. An honest Okanagan-Similkameen expression with its crisp and refreshing fruit forward apple aroma and palate.

ABV 6.5%  | 500ml bottle